New Generation of Permanent Makeup

Various methods of injecting pigment into the skin were used thousands of years.
5,000-year old mummies with tattoos have been discovered in Egypt. Though tattoos have been known for centuries the first permanent makeup device was introduced only approximately twenty years ago. Over the years, as the field developed, there was a market demand for better results. The old methods could not fulfill the customer need for a perfect solution; therefore, NPM International has developed a new patent protected line of integral needles together with large variety of colors that enable the new breakthrough in the permanent makeup industry.


NPM Permanent Makeup Machine ORON57 introduces savings in 80% of the treatment time. This means more spare time for you, and less suffering for the client. Such a performance achievable due to the advanced technology throughout the product design and manufacturing. ORON 57 system including the following components

  • Power and control unit.
  • Operational handle.
  • Operational pedal.
  • AC power Adapter.

The Power and control unit consist PCB with digital controller using Low voltage device Technology for improved electrical safety which enable to control the needle power and motor rotation speed. The digital system seated in laser crafted heavy aluminum body with chic and resistible design.

The operational Handle including the powerful and quiet motor. The aviation standard motor providing sufficient power to drive the large needle combination NPM has developed the handle and the integral needles help to create sharp and clean lines. The needle goes up and down into the same point and there are no deviations from the desired design. The handle enable to adjust the height of the needles to support the various treatments. The operational pedal controls the motor operation and free up your hands allow you to perform an accurate treatment. when motor stops, the needle goes back in place, and so when it takes the color, the needle remains whole and the client is not injured during the treatment.
tested for compliance with the following standards;

  • CE standard
  • Medical equipment EN 60601-1:90+A1:93+A2:95+A13:96
  • Medical equipment IEC 60601-1:88+A1:91+A2:95
  • Manufacturing Assembling under standard: ISO 13485 ISO 9001

NPM Colors Technology

Color is of great importance to the outcome of the makeup; NPM providing mineral based colors in each bottle of color, there are 6 mm. little balls, whose purpose is to mix the color uniformly, this mixing method ensure correct ratio between powder and liquids. this helps to maintain the color quality over time and to prevent the pigment from drying out. All 61 shades come in 12 ml. bottles and they can be mixed together to produce sub-shades.

Repair colors
According to Isaac Newton, color theory states that complementary colors are also neutralizing colors. for example, when one color is placed on top of the other, they cancel each other effect. This is how we find ‘repair shades’, designed to ‘neutralize’ the shade in the brow, in a case of a red brow, we will first apply makeup with the complementary shade of olive green, in order to neutralize the red, This method require high knowledge and skills, for the most it will be preferred to use the color of the skin or brow you are looking for.

NPM Color Range

The Needles

The patent protected line of needles made from 316L ROSS stainless steel, this material is licensed for medial use and commonly found in stents. NPM line of needles are one integral unit meaning the needle and the cover body are one unit, this ensures the needles will stay aligned at all time during its operation. Furthermore, the needle designed to suck the color and to release it only when the needle in touch with the skin which reduce spills and keep a clean professional treatment. While the motor stops the needle will stay inside. The needle and the roller are for one time use to meet the sterilization standard for medical treatment.

Needle Theory
there are several characteristics for needles, thickness, length, structure, type of tip and material. Below you can find some informative data which may help to understand how to select the right needles to the right treatment.

There are a number of professional definitions regarding needle tip, but generally there are two types: a long tip or a short tip. Needles with a long tip are more suitable for creating lines and short tipped needles are better for filling in areas and shading.

In acupuncture, tattoo art or permanent makeup, we there are a total of five types of needles thickness.

  • Needle no 6 ( 4 times zero), is a needle that is 0.22 mm thick.
  • Needle no. 8 (3 times zero), is a needle that is 0.25 mm thick.
  • Needle no. 10 (2 times zero), is a needle that is 0.30 mm thick.
  • Needle no. 12 is 0.35 mm thick.
  • Needle no. 14 is 0.40 mm thick.

The structure combination are unlimited but for the most these are the commonly used structures.

  • Structure A: Flat structure – This is a structure where all the needles are connected close to one another and at the same height.
  • Structure B: Magnum structure – The needles are connected close to one another and at the same height, but we raise the second and fourth needle slightly.
  • Structure C: Double stack – We will connect three needles together in a flat manner and we place two flat needles on top of them, so that we have two levels of needles.
  • Structure D: Japanese structure – We connect the needles in a flat manner where the middle needle is higher that the two needles connected to it and the two needles on the sides are lower so that we receive a graduated structure.
  • Structure E: Diagonal structure – We will connect the needles in a graduated fashion where every needed is lower than the one next to it.
  • Structure F: Circular structure – We gather all the needles together to create a structure where there is one needle in the middle surrounded by four needles.

NPM Line of Needles
NPM place a large emphasis on needle theory. we will guide you as to which needle is proper to apply makeup to a certain area or to achieve a desired result. There are currently seven types of needle structures, where each needle structure has been assigned a different color.

  • Needle no.1 white color with 0.25mm diameter, built from one single needle with bullet head short tip, designed for Hair Follicle effect.
  • Needle no.1 120RL white color with 0.35mm diameter, built from one single needle with long sharp tip, designed to create hair stroke effect for eyebrows and beauty marks
  • Needle no.1 140RL white color with 0.40mm diameter, built from one single needle long sharp tip, designed to create hair stroke effect for eyebrows and beauty marks.
  • Needle no. 3RL sky blue color with 0.25mm diameter, built from 3 needles with long tip in a circular structure, designed to create a hair stroke effect, a thin lip border, a very thin tip for the eyeliner, an effect line above the top lip after delineating and filling the lips.
  • Needle no. 3RS yellow color with 0.35mm diameter, built from 3 needles with short tip in a circular structure, designed to create an accentuated lip line, eyeliner or lash line, a beauty mark.
  • Needle no. 5RS color green with 0.30mm diameter, built from 5 needles with short tip in a circular structure, designed to delineate the lips and shade the lip fill, eyebrows, accentuated eyeliner, an line effect above the eyeliner and beauty mark.
  • Needle no. 7RS color transparent with 0.30mm diameter, built from 7 needles with short tip in a circular structure, designed to create eyebrows in full color, to shade eyebrows, accentuated eyeliner, accentuated delineation of lips, repairs and, deletions.
  • Needle no. 7M color purple with 0.30mm diameter, built from 7 needles with short tip in a flat structure, designed to fill in lips, fill in large areas such as nipple reconstruction, etc.
  • Needle no. 11D color gray with 0.30mm diameter, built from 11 needles with short tip in a double stack, designed to fill in lips and to fill in large areas such as eye shadow.

NPM HFS Roller